Top 6 Web Development Technologies you need to know in 2019

Web development technologies in 2019

Top 6 Web Development Technologies you need to know in 2019

In reality, everything is so variable and unpredictable when we talk about technology. Currently, advancements and breakthroughs surprise us and shift our world into the digital world. 

The upcoming digital trends with new technologies that developers and programmers everywhere will be crazy about the latest updates on web design and software applications. 

People are always excited regarding the newest web technologies and the most in-demand languages/frameworks.

To give you foresight on what’s going to happen this year, here are the top 6 Web Development Trends of 2019 that may dominate the IT industry.

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Robotics
3. IoT
4. Cybersecurity
5. Progressive Web Applications
6. Motion UI

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of the technology that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with AI are designed for Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem-solving. 

The 62% of companies who boosted their enterprises in 2019 by adopting AI into their advancement.AI can be categorized into four types that are Reactive machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, and Self-awareness.

Undoubtedly information technology is most advanced nowadays which means it helps to improve business operational efficiencies as well as product and service quality. Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies that help humans in many areas. Moreover, AI systems seek to emulate human behavior, judgment, and intelligence.

Artificial intelligence improves business tasks and makes them simple and easy for a businessman. AI helps us in different ways and now we are using it in almost every area like healthcare, banking, education, mathematics, etc.

2. Robotics

Robotics refers to the design, construction, operations, and use of robots, in addition to PC systems for his or her management, sensory feedback, and data process. These technologies are used to develop machines that may substitute for humans and replicate human actions. 

Robotics technology, the technology which consists of all the processes which are necessary to design, build, and maintain robots and like other intelligent machines. Robots are sophisticated, intelligent systems that can be used to assist pilots and maneuver spacecraft without any direct human help.

Basically, it is an integrated system of devices that automatize production and production of products and services. Also, Robots helps to human in many ways.

As they are cheaper than humans that help to replace the human Security guards as well. We don’t need to do health insurance for them. Moreover, they can work 24 hours a  day. 

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

For many years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a key trend involving the transfer of information to and from cloud-connected sensors and therefore the package that allows firms to perform analytics on that data. 

As the IoT grows in importance – Gartner predicts the number of connected things in use can hit 14.2 billion in 2019, and grow to 25 billion by 2021.

Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research at Nucleus Research, agreed regarding the restrictions of the present “IoT” terminology. She thinks we must always be “moving on the far side the buzzwords around IoT and truly creating it has sensible worth for business.”

4. Cybersecurity

Yes, this is true we cannot imagine our life without security at your home or road and any other place because security is an essential parameter of human life. This security issue spreads to the business world as well. Now in the world of technology, software loss and threats are becoming the primary concern that can be checked by custom software developers.

Cybersecurity technology designed to identifying and protect the data from cyber threats, devices, programs, and information from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Cybersecurity may be referred to as info technology security.

There are millions of cybersecurity jobs worldwide. Jobs like the internet of things and much more. It requires hardware and software skills. 

IT professionals and other computer specialists are needed for this of jobs, such as Security engineer, Security analyst, Security engineer, Chief information security officer (CISO).

5. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) are still a part of the 2019 hottest internet trends. These trendy web applications load websites with a high level of functionality. it can load instantly, despite the network state and browser alternative as a result of they’re designed with progressive improvement.

Basically, it is a technique for web design that emphasizes core webpage content first. PWA ensures a rapid, independent, and reliable expertise of users without cache problems. It’s safe because it served via HTTP to avert content snooping and information tampering.

Moreover, PWA is user-friendly, easily installable, and hassle-free which boosts the prevailing web technologies. It has many employee’s services and different inbuilt options. It gives web push notifications shared via a uniform resource locator (URLs).

6. Motion UI

Motion UI is one of the most rapid technologies that is gaining popularity for its sustainable libraries because it allows the seamless transition effects on the user interface with the help of JavaScript or jQuery library. Mainly, it tells the look and feel of the website. 

With a high demand for an interactive user interface, It is known for its dynamic graphics, amazing animation, and real impacts on usability. 

It enables developers to showcase their ability to tell a visual story while communicating to the viewer using a variety of tools and techniques.

What is the future in 2019?

Web development is a huge industry and it is doing a great job coming up with new frameworks, design trends, and mobile web app developments to satisfy expectations of mankind and give the best experience to the users.

Yes, it has some setbacks and flaws but still, it continues to thrive, flourish, and improving. So the ones who are going to change their job or switch to another field can try the web development field as it has fun and challenging and worth exploring.

So, it doesn’t matter what project you’ll be working on in 2019, give time to yourself and update your skill set and learn new languages and frameworks to stay on top.

All these technologies have a great future but first, you have an interest in these technologies that are mentioned above.
Author – Monika Prajapat

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