What is Artificial intelligence technology and what AI can do?

Artificial intelligence technology and what AI can do?

Artificial intelligence technology and what AI can do?

In this article of TechnicalCovers, What is Artificial Intelligence technology and what AI can do?, you will know what is Artificial intelligence (AI). The thing that makes humans the highest on this earth is intelligence.

It has played the most important role in improving our skills and in establishing human civilization. Today if humans have developed so much in the field of technology, then our human brain has the biggest hand in it.

With the help of this intelligence, humans have invented many inventions, and as we know that every invention has given a new direction to the life of human beings.

When computers were made, no one thought that we would be able to use anything like a smartphone in the future. But today it is not only a part of our life but also helps a lot in every area of work.

In the last few years, AI Concept was put in front of the world by some scientists of computer science to take technology to a different level. Its basic objective was to create such a computer-controlled robot or software that can solve a problem by thinking like humans. 

But many other scientists believe that such development machines in technology can make superintelligence which will further threaten human existence.

Artificial Intelligence – future goals

As we know, AI is the most powerful and fast-growing technology in the whole world. AI is a type of Artificial Consciousness that works at the instruction of a human being. Even though Artificial intelligence has been developed by humans, but there is no doubt that AI works more efficiently, better and at a lower cost than humans. 

That is why AI is being used in many business industry fields. AI has come in our daily life to some extent, but the day is not far when we will start using this technology fully.

So it is true that AI has a very bright future all over the world. Much of the work and many areas in the future will depend on AI. 

Along with this, it is also being speculated that it can have a very bad effect on the lives of humans. So, now let us tell you some of the goals of AI, by achieving this AI technology will reach us soon.

➤ Increase decision making power

The first goal of AI is to create a thinking, machine-like humans who can solve any human problem with a decision by himself. AI has also achieved some achievements in this direction. Recently a Female AI Robot (Sophia) was created. 

It has decision making power to some extent and it can easily answer any of your questions. You will also see some similar AI concepts in smart devices like Google Home, Siri, Alexa, etc.

➤ Efficient work

We humans are too lazy to do any work, due to which we spend a lot of time to complete our tasks and there are more mistakes in them. Given this habit of humans, AI researchers are working very fast in this direction. Their basic objective is to make AI so that it can do any task quickly with minimum fault.

➤ Time-saving

Obviously, AI can work much faster than humans. Because it is a type of machine, so it never gets tired of working and like us never breaks. Looking at this topic, many such AI machines are being made, which will soon replace humans.

Artificial Intelligence Applications:

1. Facebook Feed

Believe it or not, AI helps Facebook to predict what content you want to see and push it higher. 

It has algorithms that built into the feeds filter content that is most likely to be of interest to the particular Facebook user and it predicts what we will want to see. 

2. Siri or Alexa

Behind that voice, in your phone, while giving answer questions on your devices is a product of AI which is either  Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s  Alexa both use AI to help you complete tasks or answer questions on your mobile devices.

3. Netflix

we are utilizing the benefits of AI technology while watching Netflix as well. There are smart functions on Netflix.

4. Tesla

Tesla’s electronic cars use advanced AI technology that includes self-driving capacities and it also uses crowd-sourced data from its vehicles to improve their systems.  

Artificial Intelligence Types:

AI categorizes into four types according to its working system.

Type 1: Reactive machines

It is the most basic types of AI systems that are purely reactive and have the ability not to form memories or not to use past experiences to inform present decisions. The best example of this type of machine is Deep Blue which is IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer that can beat international grandmaster Garry Kasparov in the late 1990s.

Type 2: Limited Memory

In this type of class, it contains machines that can look into the past. An example of Self-driving cars is perfect. They just observe other cars’ speed and direction which can’t be done in just one moment, but rather requires identifying specific objects and monitoring them over time to time.

Type 3: Theory of Mind

This kind of AI does not exist yet but it refers to the understanding that others have their own beliefs, desires, and intentions that impact the decisions made by themselves.

AI systems will have to be able to understand that each of us has thoughts and feelings and what are our expectations for how we’ll be treated but this can be done only if they able to walk with us plus they’ll have to adjust their behavior accordingly with things or situations.

Type 4: Self-awareness

In this category of AI development which helps to build systems that can form representations about themselves. Basically, AI researchers will have to not only understand consciousness but also build machines that have it.

Machines with self-awareness can understand their current state easily. Moreover, it can use the information to infer what others are feeling about.
Author – Monika Prajapat

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