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Java or Python: Which is the future?

Java or Python: which is the future?

A programming language is a formal language in which set of instructions that produce various kinds of output and used in computer programming to implement algorithms. 

Which programming language we should choose among popular programming languages is often confusing nowadays, let alone choosing between the most popular ones.

Both Java and Python languages are perfect and they both have capabilities of doing most of the tasks out there. 

There are some differences between both that helps you to make your decision.

First, I’ll explain to you each language and their key characteristics, then compare them in different areas. Secondly, we’ll talk about which is the future: Java or Python.


Java is the most popular programming language without any doubt because 90% of the Fortune 500 company depends completely on this language. Its slogan “Write once, then run anywhere” captures the keys of java that makes java so valuable and powerful java due to its java virtual machine (JVM), which makes it cross-platform compatible.

The popular career paths with this language are backend developer, big data developer, embedded systems engineer or android developer, and many more.

Java is mostly used in android applications, games, and desktop applications, which makes it the most powerful and loved language. Its use is so much that its period is not going to end in the next decade or even beyond.

There are lots of job positions available for Java programmers which is not with every language which is currently present. If you are comfortable with this language once you can take the highest paying job position.


Python is a general-purpose language that is used almost everywhere and it is most common in use nowadays. It is used in web applications, desktop apps, network servers, machine learning, media tools, and much more. It has an important role in the big players of the world, ie players with technology like NASA or Google.

The web development frameworks that have taken place in Python’s base, such as Django and Flask, are slowly becoming more popular in the IT industry. Moreover, Python has a great library of machine learning and data analysis. Like-Scikit-learn and pandas. 

Python is an ideal language for beginners as it is very easy to read and use not more complex like Java is. Python is being used by top companies like Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, Google. If you learn this language, then the career path will be good.

Technology Python Java
Popularity Very popular Very popular
Cross-Platform Yes Yes, because of JVM
Syntax Easy to learn and use Complex programming
Performance Slower than Java in various implementations Relatively very fast
Backend Frameworks Django, Flask Spring, Blade
Machine Learning Libraries Tensorflow, Pytorch Weka, Mallet, Deeplearning4j, MOA

Java or Python: Which is the future?

Java and Python both languages are open source. It means that programmers can fix the bugs with these languages and updating them as well. They both have great options for the future. But as we know, Java is the most popular programming language in the world on the other side, Python is in the top 5.

Learning both languages will help you to get a job in the IT field, but predicting that which trend will go further in the future is hard to do for both.

Every coder has different preferences with Java because it attracts those who prefer a more straightforward language. Coders who wish to have more flexibility coding, such as data scientists on a machine learning project then they can prefer Python.

See we can’t predict the future but If we see in the market then yes Python has a slight edge over Java.

Performance of Both languages:

Both Java and Python compile to bytecode and run in virtual machines but Python usually compiles code at runtime and on the other side, Java compiles it in advance and distributes the bytecode which is a critical difference between them. Although both languages are cross-platform.

To significantly improves performance, most JVMs perform just-in-time compilation to all programs to native code. In contrast to Python, it doesn’t do this, but sometimes a few variants like PyPy can do this.

The main difference in performance between Java and Python is that a simple binary tree test runs ten times faster in Java than in Python.

Java Vs Python

If we talking about the code, then there is no doubt, in python, there are small lines of code over Java language. Python syntax is easy to write but in Java, we have to expand lines of code.

In Java programming, we have to declare the type of data, but In python, codings are in dynamic type. We don’t need to declare the type of variable.

Java is time-consuming but when we explained each and every code in this than it increases the speed to compile a program. Whereas Python is slow as compared to Java because Python is an interpreter.

If we talk about portability then we all know Java is popular everywhere due to JVM(Java Virtual Machine) is available almost everywhere.

Which language is the best for you?

It is difficult to tell you which language to choose, but rest assured that both languages will be relevant for years to come. Python is a good choice for beginners as this language is more intuitive and its syntax is similar to the English language. It is not complex.

Java has plenty to offer as open-source as well as it deals with great performance. Choosing a language ultimately comes down to preference as Java is geared more towards perfectionists looking to build clear, consistent code using complex syntax. Some will prefer this system, while others prefer to have the flexibility, brevity, and fluidity of Python.

But one more thing. if you are new to programming then you should go for the python because it is easy to understand.

And, if you are experienced one in programming, then you can go for Java as we know it is hard to learn and it is more complex than Python.

Both languages have a great future and it’s all up to you which language are you comfortable with.

Let me know your views in the comment box.

Author – Monika Prajapat

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