Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine learning Vs Deep learning Vs Data Science

Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine learning Vs Deep learning Vs Data Science 

Once again I’m here to discuss between AI Artificial Intelligence, ML Machine Learning, DL Deep Learning, and Data Science.
I put a Poll on my Social Media platform In that poll I got the highest number of Votes for Artificial Intelligence. So today in this Blog I firstly I on Artificial Intelligence and Upcoming Technologies in 2020.

So I visualize you all what is a relation between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning, and data science, If you Visualize it, you will get the brief knowledge about all these topics, So you will be able to differentiate that it is in which field and which technology comes in it.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine learning vs deep learning vs data science

So here we see data Science is a Field Artificial Intelligence is also. We find Machine learning under Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning under Machine Learning.

First of all, we talk about artificial Intelligence I will give you an example of the real world in this. If you are an Android user, then you will definitely have OK Google or Google Assistant and if you are an iPhone user then Siri will be there. This is our real-world example and we all do it in our daily life this is termed as Artificial intelligence.

I asked Google Assistant whether it is an Artificial Intelligence or not and hereby typing It is asked then I also asked if it is a Robot or not because it happens often whenever we talk the name of Artificial Intelligence, the only thing that comes in our mind is that Robot but no, it is not only the robot but also in our Phone.

The robot is already under Artificial Intelligence but we also have Artificial Intelligence inside our Phone. If we also use Google maps in our phone he then states that the traffic in Google map where is the traffic less this simplified lots of things, it is an Artificial Intelligence work.

AI vs ML vs  DL vs Data science

Have you heard the name, Sophia? This is the biggest example of Artificial Intelligence. How developers of Artificial Intelligence Develop programs in this way. The best thing here when we do it in Artificial Intelligence, then those who are a robot feels the same as we do humans. 

Robots give expressions in the same way as humans.
They talk to people in the same way as they perform in the same way as human beings, it is made infinitely so that they can understand humans. If you ever noticed that in OK Google, if you ask the same question again it will answer the same question in two ways. So this is called using Intelligence.

It is not that we fixed the same answer in OK Google, then the same answer will come again no not at all it does not happen. We put some programs in it that we have only taught him to rest OK Google, Google Assistant will work with his intelligence only and this is known as Artificial Intelligence. So it will be a matter of artificial intelligence which we use un our daily life. For this reason, I had a poll on Social media that do you all use artificial intelligence in your daily life. So I have been told by such people that they do not know about Artificial Intelligence.

So now let’s move towards the next topic Now I discuss the topic of ML Machine Learning. Machine learning in the sense to become an expert in a particular field is called machine learning. 

The best example for this Machine learning is Google Photos As much as your photos in Google Photos this Application creates a group of a particular person. Like if we click Photos of fruits then all kinds of fruits which are there in your Google photos it get into a particular Group. This works on a Machine Learning Algorithm. 

Machine learning the second example I’m giving on Google Assistant by the way Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence but whenever you open your Google Assistant then Google Assistant always ask “MAY I HELP YOU”,” HOW CAN I HELP YOU”, so many things Google Assistant ask by itself, This gives us In-built options that you may ask these questions also. 

So these in-built options are a part of Machine Learning these all things are developed by the machine learning Algorithm, that is why it is said that machine learning can be artificial intelligence but All the Artificial intelligence isn’t a machine learning.

Now let’s come on a topic DL Deep learning, What is deep learning Best example of deep learning is what is that you all must know about that and in your daily life you use it also You all heard the name Google lense, you all mostly use that also, so that is based on the Deep Learning Algorithm.

Now we talk about Data Science These all the technologies which  I told all come under Data Science it means All the technologies are mainly used on Data. If we don’t the data, or information then how we proceed with the technologies.

So here the biggest role of Data in this whole process.

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Author – Monika Prajapat

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