5 Facebook Features that uses Machine Learning || by Monika Prajapat

5 Facebook Features that uses Machine Learning


Hello everyone once again welcomes back to my Blog named “Technical Covers“. I’m Monika So, In this article, we discuss how Facebook works? 


As I told you in my previous blog, How Instagram works? And I got an outstanding response from that article.


I know you all are curious to know about how Facebook works? For the applications that you use on a daily basis, then you should know a little about what features they are? And how they work?


Before we discuss more and move forward on this topic let me tell you if you are unknown about AI (Artificial Intelligence) or ML (Machine Learning) then, I already created a blog, and in the end, I will put a link.


Now, talk about how Facebook works? And what are the Features of FaceBook in which ML (Machine Learning) is used?


As you all know, Facebook has Billions of active users. Now managing the data of so many people at a big level and filter that data as well So, this is possible only with the help of ML (Machine learning). 


In this article, I’m gonna talk about the Five Features of Facebook in which ML (Machine Learning) Used.


The Five Features of Facebook are as follows:-

• Face Recognition

• Target Advertisements

• Language Translation

• Facebook News Feed

• Text Analysis


First of all, we discuss the first feature of FaceBook named Face Recognition. This Face Recognition means to Identify someone and we can say that Recognize a particular person. This Facebook feature is mainly used at the time of Tag suggestions in which we all tag a person on Picture to identify that person.


In this Facebook feature how ML (Machine Learning) helps in this, I am going to explain this feature with the help of Example. In which you uploaded a Group Photograph and in that group photograph you have some Facebook friends. So nowhere on machine learning, the work is done that Facebook automatically recognizes your friends and also automatically tag them.


This works on the Tag Suggestion feature of Facebook.


Face Recognition is a part of ML (Machine Learning) and Facebook works like this with the help of ML (Machine Learning).


Now let’s move towards the next topic in a Features of Facebook named Target Advertisements and this FaceBook feature is very amazing. Now let me ask one question from all of you and you all have to answer this question into a Comment section that is this happens to you before or not?


So let’s talk that you have to do a Product purchase, you went to Myntra’s website, Flipkart Site or Amazon site and you want to purchase you searched that product then you thought yes I will purchase that product, later on, will see later on and without purchasing that product, simply you closed that Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon Site.


After that you think let’s go and watch Facebook Feed, then you go on your Facebook then you start scrolling down your Facebook Newsfeed Suddenly you surprised after seeing that same product’s advertisement. So, this incidence did how many times in your life it happened to tell me in a comment section because so many times it happened with me and why not this happened this is a Target Advertising.


This Facebook feature is developed with the help of Machine Learning it is designed in such a way that some such programs have been inserted in it.


It is Unique and Visible only to the Target Audience, which has to purchase the product.


Let’s move towards the new and third feature of Facebook named Language Translation. As you all know Face book is a Worldwide Obsession and there are so many kinds of users, now it is not possible for everyone to agree that the content in the common language should be tightened.


If a user is comfortable in their language and likes to see the content in their own language, then Face book also has a feature for them which see translation, a Face book user can translate the content of his own language,


Here face book provides the best feature in which you can see translate a language into your speaking language and you can see it easily So that you can use that application efficiently and again it is based on ML (machine learning).


Now let’s move to the next and fourth feature named Facebook News Feed.

Facebook News Feed totally depends on Manual functions The Algorithms of machine Learning will always decide that what the user should see in his/her Facebook news feed and what the user should not.

Basically, this depends upon three statics 

1. the First one is what kind of friends are you having in your Face book, which kind of families 

2. The second one is that in which public figures you mostly interact.

3. The third one is your Interest in which your interest is based on which kinds of pages do you like, In which group you Involve mostly.


So these are the Three factors that depend on what content should be displayed on your Newsfeed and what not and apart from this, you like to see the content which you like or on Face book, there is the popular post with which you are interacting, Sharing of that post, the number of likes increasing on that post comments also. 


These all things matter and these all things were decided what news feed should be there on your Facebook news feed.


And these all things are done with the help of Algorithms of Machine learning.


Now let’s talk about the last Feature named Text Analysis This feature is based on Deep learning, Deep learning is a part of Machine learning As I already told you in my previous articles.


And as you all know how many users are there on Facebook and how much content is there on Face book and also think how much text is there on Facebook.


So to manage these all texts at a very high language Our Facebook is having one featured with the name of Deep text that features filters the text and also manages it.


And if I tell you with the help of an example that in English we use Slangs and we translate it into Hindi then the result will be different to use these things.


Let’s take another example I take the word APPLE, Apple is a fruit and also Apple is a company, So which context to use there, which sentence or on which basis to work, it does the deep text As this is a machine learning feature so this will decide.


I hope you all like this article share it with your friends.

Author – Monika Prajapat

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