COVID-19 cases update and Introduction to data science

COVID-19 cases update and Introduction to data science 

First of all, let me ask you one question, As you know we all are in COVID Situation. The way it is spreading, day by day cases are increasing rapidly. We get updates every 24Hours. How many cases have come today, are less than yesterday, or are more than yesterday, So I want to ask you all that do you know how all these things are calculated.  How the cases are updated and who handles the data at this big level? Do you know about it?

So when you how many cases were updated. How many cases have come in 24Hours or they compare this how many cases have come today, How many cases were there in 7days ago?, How many recovered In view of all these beds have to be prepared in Hospitals. The recording of those situations is seen as to what we may need next.

So this article will be more informative and also an interesting one for all of you. Whatever these things are, all happening with the help of data science.

In Data Science, there are many scientific methods, Processes, design the algorithms, They also calculate Structured and Non-Structured data, Data mining Visualization, These all things are included in data Science and Whoever handles this data, they all known as Data scientists.

COVID-19 Update and data science

So as you all know this data is at a very large level and it is all in an unstructured way.

Basically, I mean to say that there are two types of groups: One is of COVID Patients group with one type of vaccine given to them and Another one is of COVID Patients group with another type of vaccine given to them. In this data, they include Age group, Gender, etc. So it’s a lot of things which are in an unstructured way. Unstructured data alone isn’t enough information to understand the COVID-19 Pattern. So we have to convert this data in a format to understand its pattern.


These all are done with the help of Data Science and Data science process is divided into 5 parts and the names are given below:-

·       1. Obtain Data

·       2. Data Mining

·       3. Data Exploring

·       4. Data Modeling

·       5. Interpreting Data

Firstly we talk about obtain data. It is the very first step of the Data Science Project.

So First Question comes in our mind that How we collect data if I talk about COVID cases then from where we can collect COVID patients data? The source of collecting data may be a hospital or another method are available for collecting data for COVID-19 Patients. In Hospital They record the data of COVID Patients in their computer and registers in which they store the Patient’s Record.

After this, we go through with the Next step which is Data Mining. It is a process of converting raw data into Useful Information whatever we collect from the first step we take that much data only which will be useful for us and the rest of the useless data we delete from it.

As we have unstructured data This will also be done with the help of Python and R programming languages. 

Now we have to move on 3rd step which is Data Exploring In this basically Data will be explored and It ready in a format and this will be done with the help of Numpy and Pandas.

After that, they do data visualization to understand the data and can work further on this data.

Now the next step is Data Modeling. In this, they prepare data models and they use Machine Learning Algorithm so that they can perform the task for future predictions. Basically to see In future how much this will be spread more or How many beds more we need in hospitals and there are so many other things which are important with the help of this method they do.

After this 5th step is Interpreting data In this step they create presentations so that the whole process can be explained to other people who are from Non-Technical Backgrounds.

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Author – Monika Prajapat

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