Uber and Machine Learning || what is Uber Pool? || by Monika Prajapat

Uber and Machine Learning.

Hello everyone welcomes back to Blog named Technical Covers. I’m Monika So, In this article, we gonna talk about Five Amazing ways in which ML ( Machine Learning ) helps Uber Cab services

Uber which is a ride-hailing company that provides a Mobile Application named Uber in which we submit a quick request which automatically sent to a Uber Driver who is nearest to you and that driver accepts your request. 

After that driver pick up you from your location and drops you on your request Location when you reach your Requesting destination. After that, you press a button and pay to that cab driver instantly. It’s a very easy process of booking a cab by pressing a button and the car is in front of you. 

Then you go just for a ride and reach on you requesting destination and again you press a button and pay to a cab driver instantly. this process looks very easy for us right!

But you know what It’s not that easy task. You all only press a button but do you really know this inside this how many things happen, which kind of work is done in this and what’s the whole process of this. Do you know about this? 

So in this blog, I’m going to tell you about how this Uber Cab services work? and what works after you press a button? And with the help of ML (Machine Learning ), they make it better?

There are five amazing ways in which Machine learning helps Uber cab services which I’m going to explain here names are :

Gap between Supply and Demand 

Expected Time Arrival (ETC)

Route Optimization

One-Click Chat (OCC)

Uber Pooling

First, we gonna talk about Gap between supply and demand.

Uber takes care of the fact that the area where the demand is high then there should be more cabs available for that particular area. And make it clear that the gap between Suppliers and the demands always filled.

So now I’m going to explain this with the help of a real situation and the real Example So now tell me that it happened to you that you are in a hurry and you book a cab and that time cab is not available? And in this situation, you book another Cab services like OLA and so on. I know this might be done many times with you all. This is the reason for increasing the gap between Demand and Supply in this Uber cab service.

This also affects the Customer Retention. Customer retention I mean to say that Losing customers. To stop these, Uber services takes the help of  ML (Machine Learning). And all the things should be stopped with the help of Machine learning.

With the help of machine learning Forecast, we can stop losing Customers and also decrease the gap between Demand and Supply.

Now let’s talk about our next way in which machine learning helps Uber cab services named Expected Time Arrival (ETC). Now you all tell me how much this frustrating that you booked a cab and that cab is nearest to you but due to traffic.it cannot be able to reach your Live location or due to another situation that cab cannot be reached on time and you all waste your time waiting for that cab. 

When a Cab driver takes more time as you Expected but with the help of Machine learning, it’s all get managed in this cab services.

Now Whenever any customer book a cab, they already set up a forecast so that the Uber ETA decreases an Arrival time and that the user does not have to wait a lot.

Uber always tries to make a better experience for its customers They always take care of Customer’s Satisfaction and Machine learning helps them to give their customers better Experience.

So now let’s move on the third point named Route Optimization.  In this, the Uber driver chooses those routes where no traffic is available so that they can reach on time. They can see whether conditions, Road conditions and some other conditions they consider and then they choose a better Route but he knows all these things only when he drives on that route or he already knows about that area. According to the route there, he should choose that route to reach a customer’s destination.

But the twist is here  If that driver drives at an unknown place and he doesn’t have any knowledge about that route. Even he doesn’t know is the traffic is there or not. 

So in this, Machine learning helps a Driver. Machine learning also tells the best route to the driver. With the help of machine learning, they check the route availability, and then it transferred to a driver. Uber does not only take care of its customers but also take care of its Drivers as well.

Now let’s come to the next point which is One Click Chat (OCC) So in this tell me one thing that when you booked a cab after that you wait for the Cab till that cab reach to pick up you and till you watch in the map that where’s the cab and on which route that cab is actually and then at the same time cab driver calls you and tell on which route you have to come from where he picks up you so from there you get the whole information. 

As we know while driving Text or call is very difficult. So the Uber services take care of these issues and uber services have this solution also that is based on Machine learning which named Once chat click. In this machine learning and Natural processing, the technique is used. Of these features, they already update on their services.

Whenever a customer calls a driver at that time call will be picked automatically by the help of a single click. In which there is a suggestive response whatever question the customer asks the driver. The driver can reply with the help of clicking at once on a suggestive Response.

Now let’s come to the next and the last option named Uber Pool You all know this Uber Pool is a sharing guide. It’s not possible to give the availability of cab to everyone so for this uber gave the solution by the named Uber Pool in which the people who want to go in the same direction they can share the cab and this beneficial also because in this the actual cost is less than the main cost Through ML Machine learning Algorithm they see in the map to whom pick or to drop in the same direction.

To understand the Pick Hours and prior data, they follow the pattern and according to that, they adjust the prices.

From Mobility to Transport and from Customers Assistant to Uber driver-partners.

With the help of ML the improve the Navigation and so many things are used by the help of Machine learning to make things better

I hope you all like this if yes then share this useful information to others

Author – Monika Prajapat

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