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Hello everyone again I’m here for all of you with a new and interesting article on my website named “Technical Covers”. I’m Monika So here in this article we discuss a new and interesting topic named “Virtual Reality” in this I’m going to explain to you all about What is Virtual Reality (VR) technology in 2020.

So first of all, you guys tell me what is in your mind as soon as you hear the name “Virtual Reality”. An imaginary world? A Virtual World? a Fake world which is not real at all. Then yes you are right here. Virtual Technology is a technology in which you can enter in the Imaginary world or a Virtual world even in the real world.

Or you can enter into this imaginary world with the help of VR Glasses a Virtual Reality Glasses. So let me show you what exactly the Virtual reality looks like.

So let us suppose there are some people who are wearing VR glasses (Virtual Reality) when they wear VR Glasses (Virtual Reality) after that they go to a completely different world or we can say an Imaginary world or a Virtual World.  

And when you wear these VR glasses (Virtual Glasses), then in such a way an artificial environment is created in front of you this seems that it’s real-world nor a fake world they represent that environment.

And yes of course with the help of Sight in and sight out you can do action as well as in that Artificial Environment by stimulating as many senses as possible such as vision, hearing, touch even smell the computer is transformed into an Artificial world or a 3D world.

I know many of you may think that Virtual Reality is used only to be used in a field of gaming, but it is not true Virtual Reality is not only used in a field of gaming. VR Technology (Virtual Reality Technology) is used in many fields like if I talk about Virtual Reality technology is used in Therapy, it also used to recover mental illness, 

and nowadays this Virtual Reality is also used in the field of the education system. 

Now let’s talk about ClassVR (Virtual Reality Technology) So with the help of Class VR students can interact with each other in this 3D Environment and this technology is used to raise the engagement and the knowledge Attention towards students. 

These VR Glasses enable an individual to en merge in a Digital Environment to experiment with a world that is different from reality.

So this is a small Introduction which is fully based on Virtual Reality and in the coming days I will keep writing on an article named Virtual Reality I will keep telling you all how and where it has been introduced to Virtual Reality with a lot of real-world examples. 

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Author – Monika Prajapat

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