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How to explore career options in 2020

1. Gather information about yourself.

You can’t figure out what might be a good fit for you if you are not aware of what is out there!

so take some inspired action and start searching for specific occupations or fields that could provide you with a great career based information that you gathered about yourself.

You should do self-assessment, it will be very effective in an individual’s work-related values, interests, personality type, and aptitudes tests. 

Work-Related Values: If you take things like autonomy, prestige, security, interpersonal relationships, helping others, flexible work schedule, outdoor work, leisure time, and high salary. into account when choosing a career, then you have definitely a better chance of achieving a job or any career goals. 

Interests: Your likes and dislikes regarding various activities that will help to make your interests. Psychologists discovered many years ago that people who share similar interests also enjoy the same type of work in their career journey.

Aptitude: It refers to an individual’s talent, or have some ability to acquire a skill. It is something to keep in mind when you choose a career and it will help you to know about yourself.

Personality Type: Your social traits, attitudes, and motivational drives, your needs defines your personality. Knowing that what is your type of personality can help you to choose an occupation because particular personality types are better suited to particular careers which affect on work environments and others. 

2. Connect with people in that field.

If there’s a specific profession, field or company you’re interested in, find someone who is working in that particular area and ask them honestly about the job, company, or particular field they’re working in. 

There are some most preferred ways to connect with people these are Linkedin, meetup, etc. You can also see Facebook events. all the Apps may help you to connect with people who are in your field.

After you have decided your field in which your good and acquired basic knowledge about it, you need to uplift your knowledge and be referred to as skilled. Go to the places( physical as well as on the internet) where you can find more experienced people who can mentor you further. You can also make a LinkedIn profile, it is a very good way to connect with people from your field.

3. Attend a Workshop/Seminar at the Career Centre.

Attending a workshop has many benefits and this includes improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge on a particular field, connecting with others and renewing motivation and confidence.

There are many mentors who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced share their wisdom for free or minimal in seminars of respective fields, just stay in touch with them in social media so that you get informed of their upcoming workshops in your city.

4. Meet with a Career Counsellor.

Good Career counselors can help you explore career options better. They can inform you about labor market trends and can assess your skills, interests, and work-related values.

When you feel like skilled in your job but you still struggle to find a perfect job for you, then you need to know the industry insights, there comes career counselor. A person who will guide you where to go, what to do, one who is familiar with the industry you want to be part of! But you should assign to them when it is the only option because they are expensive.

5. Practice for Interviews.

Do-It-Yourself Interviewing Practice if you don’t want to go with the fee-based option.Know the Interview process from the Internet or any other sources. Practice for answering Interview Questions.

Keep practicing and record yourself. You can recruit a Friend or Family Member. Being skilled in your job is the most important, but being prepared for the interview is always helpful. Firstly, make sure you’re comfortable with the language interview is held in. Just be confident about your work and say yourself that there’s nothing to get nervous!

6. Participate in an Internship.

There are many internships that are paid which means you can get valuable work experience and earn at the same time. A paid internship will provide money to fund your college, tuition and your expenses. 

In this working world, it’s all about who you know. If you do internships, you will be surrounded by professionals in the industry.

We all know that theory may get you more marks in exams but while doing your job practical knowledge will be most helpful. Participate in internships within your field, you can choose between part-time, full time, work from home categories. Money may not be the most, but you will get an experience letter and valuable knowledge about your job.

7. Develop an effective strategy for your career goals.

Use all the information you gathered, and insights report you to have and develop a strategy to achieve your career goals. You know what there is no one perfect career for you, there are many careers that all you have to just explore yourself that creates the potential to meet your career goals, and that’s why career path explorations are so important, and to be done early on in your career. 

Create strategies, and be more confident, allowing yourself the ability to test drive different career paths.

There is no upper limit to what you can achieve within your career! So, create goals which are of course higher and possible in the near future, so that you can achieve it effectively.

8.Think about yourself what is important to you

We all have different criteria and different thinkings towards their career path. If you create strategies then it helps you in making career decisions. Such as, think about where you want to live, what you want to do in your life, how much you want to earn, how much flexibility you have around working hours.

This Work Values test will help you to think about what things could make you satisfied with your career.

Author – Monika Prajapat

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